50 years of Attica Prison Uprising - Abolition Now

HKR audio collection of rare recordings

A Hip Hop History

An audio history of Hip Hop according to KPFA’s Davey D.

Africa Today

A weekly news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora, hosted by Walter Turner.

Alice Walker, Studs Terkel and Howard Zinn

A newly digitized KPFA event recorded on February 14th, 1998 in Berkeley

Animal Allies

Caroline Casey’s special audio collection interweaving understanding between humans and our animal kin.


Arabiyaat is a podcast that explores the news of the day through Arab and Middle Eastern viewpoints. A unique source you won’t find anywhere else!

Autumnal Equinox 2023

Anarcho*Entheo*Astro*Animist Equinox address by Caroline Casey, September 2023, in Viroqua Wisconsin, with music by Sound Play

Autumnal Equinox Magic

A special Equinox illumination from your Visonary Activist, Caroline Casey.

Bay Area Theater

Bay Area theatre reviews with KPFA theatre critic Richard Wolinsky, plus interviews with local Artistic Directors, actors and directors. Older posts include interviews witth former associate KPFA theatre critic C.S. Soong. Dates when reviews airs can be found at http://bookwaves.homestead.com/Theatre_Reviews.html

Big Picture Ideas: The Best of Against the Grain

Thirty-three illuminating conversations with some of the smartest thinkers on the radical left.

California Ballot Breakdown

If you’re slogging through a California ballot packet, we’re here to help! We’ll be posting pro-con debates on high-stakes ballot propositions, interviews with candidates for offices that will shape the politics of the state, and special reports on everything from voting rules to money in politics. Subscribe with Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, or by pasting this link into any podcast player.

Chris Hedges Digital Speech Collection

Chris Hedges has worked as a freelance war correspondent in Central America for The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, and Dallas Morning News. Hedges reported for The New York Times from 1990 to 2005 and served as the Times Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. In 2001, Hedges contributed to The New York Times staff entry that received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for the paper’s coverage of global terrorism. Hedges produced a weekly column for Truthdig for 14 years until the outlet’s hiatus in 2020. His books include War...

Corona Calls

A weekly update on new research and developments concerning COVID-19 (and occasionally other infectious diseases that hit the news). We take questions via call-in during the live broadcast, Mondays at 7:33am Pacific, streaming via kpfa.org. Podcasts with show notes go up later the same day. Between live shows, we take questions via email at [email protected] . Our guest most weeks is Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Our question-wrangler most weeks is Brian Edwards-Tiekert, host of KPFA’s morning public affairs program, UpFront.  Music: Now Son by Podington Bear, licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0...

COVID, Race and Democracy

COVID, RACE AND DEMOCRACY is a national weekly show from Pacifica Radio, a collective effort by producers from across the Pacifica Radio Network.

Did You Hear?

Many of our most interesting and informative conversations begin with the phrase “did you hear?” The “Did You Hear?” podcast seeks to be a source of that kind of thought-provoking information that you just can’t wait to share. “Did You Hear?” will cover news, politics, culture and the arts with curiosity and an eagerness to know and share information. A recurring segment on “Did You Hear?” will be “707 Corner.” It’ll be a periodic in-depth look at a fascinating issue happening in the North Bay — a special corner of our corner of the world – the “707 Corner.”

Digital Alan Watts Greatest Hits Collection

A carefully curated collection of Alan Watts wisdom.

Dire Beauty: Calling All Sacred Clowns

“Oh spirit of the Compassionate Trickster Sacred Clown within each one of us, open the pathway before us that we may be of greatest good, contribute our medicine to the community, in ways that are most serious and dedicated fun.”

Don't Believe The Hype

KPFA’s Political History  Collection In these perilous times, a grounding in history from KPFA events and interviews.  

East Bay Yesterday

East Bay Yesterday is a podcast that gathers, shares and celebrates stories from Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and other towns throughout Alameda and Contra Costa

Education of The Black Child

Interviews with Lateefah Simon, Hodari Davis, Christopher Edmin, Sunspot Jonz, Naru Kwina, Dr. Venus Evans-Winters and more.

Feisty Women Collection

Inspiring tales of formidable, dedicated Women: protectors and allies of life on Earth; practitioners of ally etiquette Aikido; guides leading us to dynamic peace, beauty, and how to rejoin the choreography of Creation.

Feral Visions

Welcome to Feral Visions, a decolonial feminist radio hour brought to you by Liberation Spring! Tune in for consciousness-raising, analysis, current affairs, and unlearning from some of the most provocative visionaries in our movements. Please donate at liberationspring.com! Feral Visions is produced by the We Rise cultural production collective. Find our other podcasts on Area941, Birth Bruja and We Rise.

Hip Hop Turns 50: A Collection of Pioneering Voices

A Collection of Davey D interviews with of the pioneering voices of hip hop.

Honoring Our Warriors

KPFA celebrates our 72nd birthday with an audio collection of indigenous, spiritual and social justice warriors who are a part of KPFA’s broadcast history. (Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash)

Jennifer Stone

The best of KPFA’s iconic monologist, Jennifer Stone.

Knowledge is Power

Special voices of Black History from KPFA’s cache of illustrious past public events.

KPFA's Abolish Racism Audio Collection

Esteemed voices of our time from KPFA’s author event archive, speaking about the history and current manifestation of racial inequity in our society and steps forward toward change. Listen, learn and be inspired! Copy the link below to your podcast app: https://kpfa.org/area941/program/kpfa-abolishracismaudiocollection/feed/

Law & Disorder w/ Cat Brooks

Law & Disorder exposes the cracks in our system, agitates for resistance and collectively builds a new world where all of us thrive — all through an Oakland-based abolitionist lens that centers Black experience, movement-building and art. Hosted by Cat Brooks. Produced by Jesse Strauss. —- Subscribe to this podcast: https://plinkhq.com/i/1637968343?to=page Get in touch: [email protected] Follow us on socials @LawAndDis: https://twitter.com/LawAndDis; https://www.instagram.com/lawanddis/

Let's Take a Trip

A Social History of LSD from the Pacifica Radio Archives

Letters & Politics US History Collection

Mitch Jesserich curates a collection of his in-depth interviews on US History

Philosophy and the Good Life: an Against the Grain collection

A special compilation of in-depth interviews with noted thinkers about how to find meaning and fulfillment in everyday life. Host: C. S. Soong.

Radio Wolinsky

A podcast posted every Sunday featuring extended interviews and discussions from Bookwaves, Art-Waves, and Bookwaves Artwaves Hour programs on KPFA, and newly digitized and edited archive interviews from the pre-digital Probabilities series dating back to 1977. Literature, theater, film, the visual arts: in-depth interviews from a progressive and artistic viewpoint, with long-time KPFA/Pacifica host Richard Wolinsky.

Storytelling for Social Change

Digital gems from our archives as your thank you from KPFA.

Storytelling for Social Change Fall 2021

KPFA’s Fall 2021 special collection of audio gems from our digital collection.

Storytelling for Social Change Winter 2022

KPFA’s Winter 2022 gift to all donors at any level

Telling the Story

KPFA’s Spring Drive 2021 special audio offering. Thank you and enjoy!

The Future is Female

HKR’s special audio collection for you.

The Intelligence of our FloraFaunaFungi Kindom

Dedicated Voices guiding our rogue species to collaborative humility.

The Legacy of Lawrence Ferlinghetti

KPFA’s collection of Lawrence Ferlinghetti readings and interviews.

The Mike Davis Audio Collection

Mike Davis is an American writer, political activist, urban theorist, and historian who has been a guest on KPFA many times. He is best known for his investigations of power and social class in his native Southern California. His books include City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, Planet of Slums: Urban Involution and the Informal Working Class, Buda’s Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb, Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties, among many others.

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins

Protectors and Allies of the Arctic and All Life. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is known as “the sacred place where life began” to the indigenous Gwich’in people. Interviews with Dune Lankard, Sarah James, Carol Hoover, Subhankar Banerjee, Professor Rick Steiner, David Grimes, Michael Stocker, Judith Schwartz, and other allies dedicated to life. 

The World Belongs to Storytellers: Part I

A Visionary Activist Show Collection

Trickster Training Collection

The Compassionate Trickster Experimental Juju Mystery School. Recordings from Caroline Casey’s weekly Trickster Training Council Series. Click here for the Trickster Companion pdf

Underworld Ministry

8 Stories of Underworld Collaborators and Guides: human, flora, fauna, mushroom and mythic … so that we may rise again, brewing medicine for the collective.

UpFront's Black History Pack

A collection of interviews illuminating deep Black History with UpFront’s Friday host Jeannine Etter.

UpFront's Deep Dive Collection

Curated interviews–some longer cuts than what aired–on topics that explore who we are and where we’re going. 

UpFront's Rethinking History Collection

A dozen conversations to change the way you think about the past. Pre-history:  Geologist-Paleontologist Andrew Knoll on the first 4 billion years of Earth’s history. Archaeologist David Wengrow on the book he co-authored with the late David Graeber, The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity  Anthropologist Brian Fagan on Climate Chaos: Lessons on Survival From Our Ancestors  Science writer Annalee Newitz on her book Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age  Mark Bittman on Animal, Vegetable, Junk: A History of Food, from Sustainable to Suicidal Native peoples and colonialism:  Damon Akins on We Are the Land: A...

Visionary Activist Show Archival Gold

26th Anniversary Collection from The Visionary Activist Show Archives

We Rise

We Rise brings you stories, interviews, and music to nourish our imaginations in service of collective liberation. Guided by Toni Cade Bambara’s call to make the revolution irresistible, each show explores the practice of solidarity in today’s freedom movements. Brought to you by We Rise Production. www.weriseproduction.com

Winter Solstice Astro*Mytho Zoom Council

Caroline W. Casey’s Winter Solstice Zoom event on 12.21.2021. Astrology, Mythology & Ritual Magic to guide us through this Dark of Year, Longest Night, and into the coming New Year

A new investigation into police use of tasers follows how they’ve been used specifically in response to 911 mental health calls. The research shows that they can cause death as well as long term harm, and also that they are deployed disproportionately against Black people. The investigation was done by MindSite News, a nonprofit journalism … Continued

Aya de Leon in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky. Aya de Leon is the Poet Laureate of the City of Berkeley. She is a novelist and poet who currently teaches creative writing at U.C. Berkeley. She is the author of ten books, the most recent of which are the adult novel, “That Dangerous Energy,” and the young adult novel, “Untraceable.”

Discussed in this episode: There appears to be a summer surge in COVID activity: test positivity, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations are all trending up. New research seems to confirm one mechanism behind Long Covid symptoms is auto-immunity:  in response to infection, the body starts producing antibodies that go on to attack parts of the … Continued

Caroline hosts Kristin Ohlson, whose most recent invaluable book is Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World – Full Moon Waxing, that humans be inspired by such to rejoin the collaborative dance. Quoting Darwin’s contemporary, the Russian scientist-anarchist Peter Kropotkin: “Who are the fittest: those who are continually at war … Continued

Watch the video below, or download*/watch on Vimeo here. A recorded Trickster Training, at New Living Expo 2014 – yet completely pertinent to now! Themes of Trickster Ingenuity, crafting blessings, and partnering with what we love. “Oh spirit of the Compassionate Trickster Sacred Clown within each one of us, open the pathway before us that … Continued

Watch Video Replay on Vimeo     Saturnalia – a festival of dedication to wise leadership within and without. Inward dedication magnetizes outward opportunity. “Deliberate celebration of the change of season stirs the creative powers of the Psyche.” (Nor Hall) *Caroline W Casey For Bodhisatva Coyote  Astro*Mytho*politico guiding narrative with *Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue For Celtic … Continued

Autumnal Equinox Council with Caroline W. Casey & Deborah Felmeth & Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue. Middle Eastern-Celtic-Sufi Voudoun syncretism plant lore, astro*mytho*guiding narrative, poetry, song… Where there be too much heat (uninitiated Mars hyper-yang death frenzy, war on life, war on Venus) – let’s align with Venus, with Mars providing back-up Woof! So that we may … Continued

Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz, presents his analysis of the relationship between how Los Angeles is organized geographically to the relation of various racial and ethnic groups. At the center of the city lie banks and financial institutions. In the next ring property values decline dramatically, with working families occupying the third ring. … Continued

Part I of this newly digitized event recorded by KPFA on February 13th, 2000, in support of Leonard Peltier including: Winona LaDuke, Mumia Abu Jamal, Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading a selection from Ramsey Clark‘s preface to Leonard’s book, Prison Writings, Peter Coyote also reading from Prison Writings, Joy Harjo, Bobbie Castilo, Bear Lincoln, Agnus Patak, Brian Tripp, Gerald … Continued

Albert Hofmann in America: Celebration 50 years of Consciousness Research Dr. Albert Hofmann was a Swiss chemist who first synthesized LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide. Part 1 of this event features talks by Terence McKenna, Stanley Krippner, Dr. Andrew Weil and John Lilly exploring the goals of the Albert Hofmann Foundation in raising human consciousness through … Continued

Caroline welcomes the return of Eyak Native, and mega-effective advocate for Mother Ocean, Dune Lankard, with collaborative ally Bren Smith, executive director of Green Wave.   Dune Lankard, Founder, President & Executive Director of Native Conservancy An Eyak Athabaskan Native of the Eagle Clan, Dune grew up in Cordova, in southcentral Alaska. Born into a … Continued

The speech by Pastor Mike McBride was given the day the DA in Louisville Kentucky announced the Grand Jury ruling around the Breanna Taylor case.  Pastor Mike was not only speaking about the case but talking directly to elected officials who refused to pass laws to reign in rogue police. This speech was part of … Continued

August 3rd to August 26th, 2022 When Flashpoints senior producer, Miguel Gavilan Molina–a yaki-Chicano, former child farmworker heard that the UFW was planning a 335 mile pilgrimage for workers rights, there was no question that Flashpoints and KPFA would be there for every step of the pilgrimage. The Flashpoints team, along with La Onda Bajita … Continued

We begin the year with inspiring, effective kick butt protection of life, as Caroline welcomes the return of indefatigable, dedicated ally – Diane Wilson, Sea Drift Texas fisher-woman-activist, recently triumphant, “This feels like Justice!” legal victory over Formosa Plastics! “TRLA said the $50 million settlement is the largest in U.S. history involving a private citizen’s … Continued

Jack Hirschman (December 13, 1933 – August 22, 2021) Nina Serrano presents Jack Hirschman’s inaugural address as poet laureate of San Francisco at the San Francisco Public Library on April 4th, 2006. In this address, Hirshman recounts his life history. In the 1950s and 60s, Hirschman taught at Dartmouth College and the University of California, Los Angeles. The Vietnam War, … Continued

Herbie Hancock is an internationally famous American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer. As part of Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet, he was one of the primary creators of the “post-bop” sound. Hancock has combined a unique blend of jazz, blues, modern classical music (like Debussy and Ravel), and sheer funk. Throughout his explorations, he has … Continued

After the events that took place over the course of 2020, America remains more divided than ever. When faced with a global health crisis and widespread cries for racial justice, leadership crumbled and the Republican Party suffered defeat in the 2020 election. According to Keith Boykin, Republican leaders have responded with inciting white Americans in a last-ditch race against … Continued

A special program exploring the need for and examples of coalition and cooperation between the Asian and Black communities in neighborhoods where there might have been conflicts in the past. This panel includes Renard Monroe, founder and executive director of Youth 1st, a year-round after-school and summer program located in San Francisco’s District 11, and president and a founding member of Invest Black, a … Continued

We Heal and Avert Disaster by Considering Beauty. Welcoming back Lily Yeh, among my favorite humans, and most inspiring radio guests, that Beauty be honored as the sine qua non of culture. ‘Tis art that weaves relationship into structure, that allows everything replenishing to then fill the community. Lily works with the broken parts of … Continued