The “Jungle” — insights and stories from Calais refugee camp

image16We’ve all heard the story’s of refugees fleeing war and violence from their home countries into the West … but what happens to those who survive the dangerous journey away from home? The stories and experiences are as diverse the people seeking refuge themselves. Some are settled fairly quickly especially when they have family or friends in their host countries. But many end up in refugee camps for much longer that expected. While there, small, unique society’s form which those of us who don’t live in refugee camps will ever experience or even hear about. With me today are two guests who have taken time out of their busy lives to join me in studio. I have with me Tawfic Halaby and Betsy Blakeslee. They both recently returned from trips from what is known as “the jungle” a refugee camp located in Calais, France where they implemented a music program for the refugees in the camp.image10


Betsy Blakeslee, organized the Expressive Arts Refuge program which she brought to Calis jungle in France. She was there this past July and August.

Tawfic Halaby, Palestinian-American musician who recently traveled to Calais refugee camp in France with the Expressive Arts Refuge. He was there for the last week of July.


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