Cost: Rentals are available for $150/hr.

Details: We can provide ISDN (dial-in), ipDTL, Comrex Access, National / International calling, professional recording.

Facilities: While our on air studios are always reserved for whats playing on KPFA, our station has additional production studios which are available to rent out when not being used by KPFA programmers. These studios come with up to 4 microphones and headphones as well as a studio engineer to help set up and record if necessary. These production studios are fully capable of connecting to other studios via ISDN, ipDTL, Comrex, and Telephone (including international). To find out if we can accommodate your recording or remote interview needs please contact us by email.

Contact: [email protected]

Payment: An invoice will be sent by Operations Manager Antonio Ortiz.  For questions regarding billing please email [email protected]

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