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February 10 2016
Richard Wolf Small


“Certainly We Can Do Better than Capitalism” Hosted by Sabrina Jacobs


February 21 2016

KPFA Community Advisory Board Meeting


Public meeting of the KPFA Community Advisory Board. We gather community input on station programming, practices and policies and how they can best meet community needs and desires. The first 15 minutes (approximately 11:00-11:15 am) are availble for community comment.

Flint Water Crisis Update. More on Hillary and New Hampshire

Today on Flashpoints: A former EPA whistle-blower calls for a major criminal investigation to find out and prosecute the people who are responsive for poisoning the water supply for Flint. Also, Sanders trounces Clinton and the democratic party hacks sharpen their attacks. We’ll talk to the editor of reader supported news about what sanders has … Continued


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