Flashpoints – March 29, 2017


An award winning front-line investigative news magazine, that focuses on human, civil and workers right, issues of war and peace, Global Warming, racism and poverty, and other issues. Hosted by Dennis J. Bernstein.

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Trump And The Future of Obamacare.


Today on Flashpoints: Will the Trump administration deliberately and actively sabotage Obamacare for millions of Americans? Also. will Bernie Sanders Introduce Medicare for all, or just for some? We’ll ask Corporate Crime Report Editor Russell Mokhiber that question. And the city of Oakland considers public banking; we’ll talk to an expert advocate and a local … Continued

Women’s History Month Special


Today on Flashpoints: We continue to celebrate International Women’s Month by re-playing excerpts of a pair of powerful speeches given by 2 inspired women we cherish here at Flashpoints. Palestinian Human Rights attorney and activist, Noura Erakat and also Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz discussing her moving book “All the Real Indians Died Off: And 20 Other … Continued

Trump Tapped? Saudi Arabia, Starvation Against Yemen and more…


Today on Flashpoints: Is Saudi Arabia using starvation as a weapon of war Against Yemen? Also A former high level FBI whistle blower says Trump is vindicated on his claims of being surveilled by the previous administration. And a leading California legislator calls for expanded funding to guarantee legal protection in California for undocumented people … Continued

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