Today on the Show: The student movement for justice in Palestine is exploding peacefully across America, despite  a violent police crack down on several campuses; we’ll feature live reports from New York City and Los Angles. Also Ziad Abbas is back for a frontline update on the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the west bank: … Continued

  Today on the Show: Will the Israeli genocidists invade Rafa in an act of desperation against Hamas’s sustained and effective resistance? Also we’ll feature a series of front line mini reports from Nora Barrows Friedman at the Electronic Intifada. Well also hear  Protesters from A Jewish Voices For Peace and other anti-genocide groups speaking … Continued

Today on the show: On the hundredth day of hell in Gaza, we’ll  speak to the  Director of Philanthropy at UNRWA USA, about  the cut off of US AID to the key organization assisting Palestinians in occupied Palestine. Also we’ll have another in our series of reports from special correspondent, Daniel Rodriguez, at the Gaza boat … Continued