Israel, UAE, and Bahrain accord, and the question of Palestine

In the wake of the much-vaunted Israel/UAE/Bahrain accord, this week we take stock of the situation in the Middle East with celebrated Israeli historian professor Ilan Pappe and see where this new development leaves the question of Palestine as well as the general state of human rights and civil rights in the region. Guest: Ilan Pappe is … Continued

What’s An Expository Essay?

What’s an expository essay? It is a piece of work that’s intended to explain a given concept or difficulty. The subject matter may be anything from science, politics, philosophy, background, organization, and a plethora of different topics. Generally , the subject is insufficient attention to be of use to readers without even being discussed in … Continued

Writing a Good History Essay

As you think about writing a good history essay, you have to remember that the subject you select should be appropriate for the grade level you are trying to write on. Although you can utilize essay illustrations to help with your decision, this isn’t usually adequate, because they don’t reflect real life circumstances. This is … Continued

“Sean died for a bigger cause”: Remembering Sean Monterrosa

Interview with Michelle and Ashley Monterrosa ThisIsLucyKang · “Sean died for a bigger cause”: Remembering Sean Monterrosa   Twenty-two year-old San Francisco resident Sean Monterrosa was unarmed and kneeling with his hands raised when Vallejo Police Officer Jarrett Tonn fatally shot him through the windshield of a moving police vehicle in a Walgreens parking lot … Continued

Pacifica Evening News

Western Wildfires Continue to Scorch Acres of Land And Threaten Structures Israel, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates Formalize Normalization Agreement At White House Hurricane Sally Inches Closer to Gulf Coast, Threatening Heavy Flooding Bill to Allow Transgender Prisoners More Choice Awaiting Governors Approval  

Pacifica Evening News

During California Appearance, Trump Denies Reality of Climate Change. Wildfires in West Continue to Rage, Causing Unhealthy Air Quality. Bill to Expand Mental Health Services Awaits Action From Governor Newsom.