Talk It Out Radio:Sun 8/9, 7pm: A BIGGER SKY

Often the spiritual teachings that guide us are presented in ways that reflect the dominance of men in our society and do not take into account women’s experiences.  Host, Marlena Willis, talks with Buddhist teacher, Pamela Weiss, about her new book, A Bigger Sky, Awakening a Fierce Feminine Buddhism which weaves memoir with stories of … Continued

Fighting to Remove Racist Names and Mascots in the NFL on Uprfront   The Washington, D.C. NFL team has dropped a vicious anti-Indigenous racial slur from its name, after years of organizing and legal action by Indigenous organizers and tribal nations as well as court cases. But Jacqueline Keeler (@jfkeeler) says this moment is only possible because of the reckoning caused by the Black activists organizing after … Continued

“He just had this beautiful heart”: Remembering Mario Woods

Photo: Mario Woods (far right) with his mother Gwendolyn Woods and brothers Monroe Whitt and Michael Woods Jr. Interview with Gwendolyn Woods ThisIsLucyKang · “He just had this beautiful heart”: Remembering Mario Woods   In 2015, 26-year-old Mario Woods was shot over 20 times by San Francisco police officers, despite cell phone videos appearing to … Continued

KPFA’s Abolish Racism Audio Collection

Esteemed voices of our time from KPFA’s author event archive, speaking about the history and current manifestation of racial inequity in our society and steps forward toward change.

Listen, learn and be inspired!


Patrisse Cullors with Cat Brooks in Oakland |  1-25-2017 | When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir



Angela Davis in Oakland  2-18-2016 | MUMIA ABU-JAMAL Writing on the Wall: Selected Prison Writings – presented by Angela Davis • Johanna Fernandez • Walter Turner 



Ibram X. Kendi 5-4-2017 in Oakland | Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America


Ta-Nehisi Coates in Berkeley 10-28-2015 | Between the World and Me



Isabel Wilkerson in Oakland 9-23- 2010 | The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration



Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz in Berkeley 10-2-2014 | Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States



John A Powell in Berkeley 12-5-2014 | Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society





Paul Ortiz 11-12-2019 in Berkeley | An African-American Latinx History of the United States


Concert for Cuba

Concert for Cuba July 18th & 19th Brings Afro-Cuban Music and Culture to the World The concert will contain both live and pre-recorded sections and be broadcast at 7:00 pm CT/ 8:00 pm ET/ 5:00 pm PT from Havana’s Instituto Cubano De La Música. Click The Image Above to Connect to the Concert! Pacifica is … Continued

“Nobody got hurt that day but her”: Remembering Yuvette Henderson

Photo: Yuvette Henderson, who was shot and killed by Emeryville police in 2015.   Interview with Jamison Robinson ThisIsLucyKang · “Nobody got hurt that day but her”: Remembering Yuvette Henderson   In 2015, Emeryville police shot and killed 38-year-old Yuvette Henderson in broad daylight with an AR-15. Her alleged charge was shoplifting from Home Depot. … Continued

“My heart was shattered to pieces”: Remembering Alan Blueford

Photo: A younger Alan Blueford, a Skyline High School student who was shot in the back by then-Oakland police officer Miguel Masso Interview with Jeralynn and Adam Blueford ThisIsLucyKang · “My heart was shattered to pieces”: Remembering Alan Blueford On May 6, 2012, then-Oakland police officer Miguel Masso shot and killed 18-year old Alan Blueford, … Continued

Mondays with Mitch on UpFront

Remembering Margy Wilkinson, Berkeley activist, organizer and Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, COVID-19 surges and the possibility of statehood for Puerto Rico on the table in Congress and more.