Terra Verde – June 14, 2024

Terra Verde

A weekly public affairs show that delivers news and views about the most important environmental issues in California and globally.

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Garbage “waste-to-energy” incineration has long been sold to the public as a technologically-advanced solution to the waste crisis and a source of renewable energy. In reality, incineration poses significant environmental, human health, and climate risks, while disproportionately impacting communities of color and low-income communities that already face high pollution burdens. Anti-incineration advocates also point to … Continued

In October, the Teesta III dam in Northeast India was destroyed when torrential rains caused an upstream glacial lake to overflow and burst. Indigenous activists in the region have protested against the Teesta III and other major hydropower projects for decades, warning of the catastrophic impacts that dams, railway tunnels, and industry activities have on … Continued

With one of the largest and most diverse agricultural sectors in the United States, California is encouraging its producers to adopt sustainable farming practices to help mitigate climate change. While many state incentive programs have been introduced in recent years, we have a long way to go in order to fully understand the potential benefits … Continued

Like many of North America’s top apex predators — wolves, mountain lions, and bears — coyotes have faced a long history of persecution and extermination. Yet, unlike these nearly-disappeared species, coyote populations responded by tripling their range. Found across urban and rural landscapes, this resilient species plays a vital role in maintaining balance and enriching biodiversity in … Continued