Terra Verde – February 9, 2024

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Bringing Beaver Back to California

Beaver once thrived across California’s watersheds in the millions, their dams and ponds creating rich wetlands and a mosaic of habitat for biodiversity to flourish. However, by the early 1900s, European colonization and the fur trade had nearly wiped them out of the state. Today, there is growing momentum to return this keystone species to … Continued

In early January, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation began to deconstruct the Iron Gate dam, the second of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River slated to come down by the end of the year. For the Yurok, Karuk and other tribal communities that live and depend on the Klamath, this represents a moment of continued healing from colonialism and an opportunity to restore traditional lifeways.

Poultry farms across California are dealing with surge of avian influenza that is forcing farmers to euthanize several million chickens and ducks. The heartbreaking losses spell financial devastation for farms and also have the potential to trickle down to consumers, as prices for poultry and eggs go up due to supply chain disruptions. But the impact of the H5N1 virus has been far worse for wildlife. In recent months it has jumped from bird to many mammals as well and is now killing off species in every continent except Australia and Antarctica. The potential for the virus to spillover to humans can’t be ignored either. Here’s what you should know.

Regenerative agriculture is a sustainability-focused approach to farming that critically improves soil health, maintains biodiversity, and helps cultivate agricultural systems that interact with and support their larger ecosystems — including nearby communities. In order to transform food systems by empowering the next generation of sustainability- and community-minded farmers, Pie Ranch in Pescadero, California provides early-career … Continued

Thousands of meters below the ocean surface, there’s a whole world we’ve only just begun to understand. There are massive underwater mountains, hydrothermal vents spewing piping hot water, and bioluminescent creatures that offer pockets of light in an otherwise pitch-black ecosystem. There are also trillions of dollars worth of minerals like copper, cobalt, nickel, and … Continued