Thousands of meters below the ocean surface, there’s a whole world we’ve only just begun to understand. There are massive underwater mountains, hydrothermal vents spewing piping hot water, and bioluminescent creatures that offer pockets of light in an otherwise pitch-black ecosystem. There are also trillions of dollars worth of minerals like copper, cobalt, nickel, and … Continued

Terra Verde

Spotlight on Environmental Justice Implications of California Wood Pellet Export Scheme

For this episode Terra Verde is in the field with Matt Holmes, strategy director with the California Environmental Justice Coalition. In the interview Matt describes taking a close look at the site of a proposed large-scale wood pellet manufacturing facility in Tuolumne County. The episode explores the environmental impacts, public health risks and social justice … Continued

Earlier this month, a Contra Costa County Superior Court ordered the oil company, Phillips 66 to put on hold its Rodeo refinery’s transition from processing crude oil to producing biofuels, until the county had addressed major environmental flaws in its environmental analysis of the project. The court ruling was in response to one of two lawsuits filed by environmental … Continued