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The Local Station Board (LSB) is the community governing board for KPFA. Established by the Pacifica network bylaws, ratified in 2003, local station boards exist at each of the five stations in the network.

This site is the repository for LSB matters and contains minutes of meetings and related documents dating to 2004. It is the LSB’s intention to make available to listeners material relevant to the operation of KPFA, to allow listeners to be informed and engaged in the running of the first listener-supported radio station in the United States.

The Local Station Board welcomes participation from all listeners. Monthly LSB meetings always allow a 30-minute period for commentary from listeners. Between meetings, email is the best way to contact the board, but you may also leave a voice mail message at 510-848-6767, extension 635.

About the Local Station Board

KPFA, the first listener-sponsored, community radio station in the United States, endured a fierce struggle between 1999 and 2001 to preserve its local autonomy and its mission of peace and social justice. A major achievement of this struggle was the replacement of local advisory boards with elected local station boards at KPFA and throughout the Pacifica network.

The charge of the local station board (LSB) is to provide a means by which the KPFA listening community may exercise control over the general character and direction of the station. In contrast to the local advisory boards — which, as their name indicates, were advisory in nature only — the LSB has specific powers and duties enumerated in the Pacifica bylaws. These include formulating the annual station budget; interviewing and screening candidates for station management positions; communicating with listeners; providing a forum through which listeners can engage with the station; ensuring that the station is responsive to the communities served; and in general striving to meet the ideals of social justice and democracy envisioned by the founders of Pacifica.

Local station boards are composed of 18 members elected from the general listenership, plus 6 members elected from the paid and unpaid staff of the station. The board also includes a representative from KFCF as a voting member, and the station general manager as an ex-officio member. LSB terms of office are 3 years and are staggered: half the members are elected one year, the other half the next year, and elections are not held in the third year. Listeners must be KPFA members in order to vote in station board elections. Becoming a member is easy: all it takes is a minimum contribution of $25 per year. We encourage all listeners to join and have a voice in their station.

The local station board elects 4 representatives (3 listener members plus one staff member) to the Pacifica National Board every year. The Pacifica National Board sets policies for the network as a whole. Members of the LSB serve on standing committees of the local board, such as the Personnel Committee or Outreach Committee. In addition, members also volunteer or are appointed to standing committees of the Pacifica National Board, such as the Governance Committee or Finance Committee.

Local station board members are called “delegates,” while those elected to the national board are called “directors.” A complete description of the Pacifica governance system is detailed in the Pacifica bylaws.

Listeners wishing to learn more about the struggle that gave rise to the local station boards, and about the history of the Pacifica network, may wish to read historian Matthew Lasar’s detailed narratives, Pacifica Radio: the rise of an alternative network (2000) and Uneasy Listening: Pacifica Radio’s civil war (2005).

Local Station Board Current Members:
Listener members

Adams, Sharon
Anderson, Ahmad
Marilla Arguelles
Campisi, William
Cory, Chris – Treasurer
Crowell, Brian
Futran, Sasha
Gottesman, Yuri
Huggins, Christina – Vice Chair
Kobren, Janet
Olsen, Scott
Scruggs, TM
Tanaka, Aki
Teon Nichols, Ramses
Travis, Carole – Chair
Turner, Andrea
Voorhees, Tom
Wolfley, Carol – Secretary

Staff members
Dettmer, Lisa
Fest, Anthony
Jacobs, Sabrina
Lynch, Tim
Wolinsky, Richard
Zeltzer, Steve


2017 Local Station Board meeting dates:

January 14
February 25
March  18
April 22
May 20
June 17
July – no meeting
August 19
September 16
October – no meeting
November 4
December 16

All meetings are open to the public and are fully disabled-accessible.

Meeting records

Notices and agendas of upcoming meetings are posted here.

Notice of each meeting is posted at least one week before the meeting. An agenda is normally posted three days before the meeting. Listeners may sign up to receive agenda notices by email by notifying the LSB secretary: [email protected]

Archives of minutes and other meetings records may be found here.

Audio files

Audio files of meetings are available within a few days after the meeting. You can find links for the audio files at www.kpftx.org

Listeners are invited to contact the board with questions, comments, or ideas by sending an email to: [email protected]


Unless otherwise stated, composition per station on the PNB Committees is up to 2 directors (elected by PNB) and 2 station Delegates (elected by LSBs). LSB members may join the PNB Working Group. Affiliate directors may join any taskforce and any group except Committees of Inclusion, Coordinating and Finance.


·      oversees annual audit: reviews and recommends potential auditors. Excludes Finance Committee members.
COMMITTEE OF INCLUSION (1 director & 3 delegates – elected by their LSB)
·      monitors the under-representation of communities in station programming and staffing and the diversity of election candidates.
COORDINATING – (up to 2 directors per station, board officers, natl. mgmt.)
·      coordinates PNB activities between meetings, especially in-person meetings
·      helps with the planning for Local Station Board/Delegate elections including making recommendations for cost-cutting etc.
FINANCE – (1 director per station, each LSB treasurer, CFO)
·      reviews and recommends the annual budget to PNB; monitors and reports Foundation financial activities at least quarterly
·      regularly reviews the Foundation’s bylaws and policies for governance of Board activities
PERSONNEL – (up to 2 directors per station, up to 2 affil.)
·      prepares evaluation of the Executive Director (ED) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
·      insures that programming at Foundation stations meets and fulfills the Foundation’s purposes:


No numerical formula. Directors volunteer through the PNB; delegates, listeners, and staff volunteer through the LSB.


·     formed on July 9, 2015 by the PNB
·     composed of Directors and (i)ED to review proposals and strategic plans for the Foundation and submit them to the full board for approval

No numerical formula. Directors volunteer through the PNB; delegates, listeners, and staff volunteer through the LSB.
·      devises ways to expand and strengthen relationships with affiliate stations
·      advises on building Archives’ infrastructure and reach
·      recommends plans to increase network profile, listenership and income
·      assists in implementation of Spanish-language programming motion
·      advises on foundation infrastructure and information technology

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