Terra Verde

Terra Verde – Fenceline Tour of Phillips 66 Refinery in Rodeo Exposes Hard Realities of Proposed Conversion to Biofuels

This episode of Terra Verde features field interviews with Contra Costa County residents with decades of collective experience in responding to the public health and safety threats of the Phillips 66 refinery in Rodeo, one of two San Francisco Bay Area refineries pursuing permits to convert their operations to high deforestation risk soy feedstock biofuels.

Southern California journalist Cerise Castle speaks on how she wrote an extensive history of organized gangs within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. From groups that embrace neo-Nazi symbolism to gangs where participants have to kill someone in order to join, here’s a crash course into the violent and bloody world of gangs within local law … Continued

Economic Update

Economic Update – December 3, 2021

this episode is no longer available

Economics Professor Richard D. Wolff and guests discuss the current state of the economy, locally and globally. The program explores alternative ways to organize, markets, and government policies. Click Here to listen to the current episode of Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff.

An exclusive conversation with author and investigative reporter Carey Gillam about those nasty PFAS chemicals (also known as forever chemicals) and her latest book “The Monsanto Papers”  read Carey Gillam’s recent article EPA unveils new strategy to address US contamination of ‘forever’ chemicals www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/oct/18/epa-forever-chemicals-new-strategy buy “The Monsanto Papers”  careygillam.com/books and stay tuned we’ll switch gears … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – Jennifer Friedenback (@fbach4), Executive Director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness joins us to discuss the closing of San Francisco’s shelter in place hotels despite the city’s access to state funds which would extend the emergency housing program. 0:33 – Karin G. Oen, Principal Research Fellow at the Centre … Continued

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