Background Briefing – December 8, 2023

Background Briefing (5am)

Background Briefing offers an educational approach to providing information in an era of “fake news.”

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Background Briefing (5am)

Background Briefing (rebroadcast) – November 29, 2023

Tensions Inside Netanyahu’s Cabinet and Between Him and the IDF Leadership We will begin with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu hosting the Nazi/anti-Semite-friendly Elon Musk whose social media platform is awash with white nationalist hate and extremism that is not just tolerated, but is encouraged by Musk in the name of free speech. Joining us is Dr. Guy Ziv, a … Continued

Background Briefing (5am)

Background Briefing with Ian Masters – November 24, 2023

Was the Generosity of Native Americans Towards the Pilgrims Repaid With Genocide? We begin on this Thanksgiving with a history of this uniquely American holiday and explore whether the generosity of the Native Americans toward the first white settlers was later repaid with genocide. Joining us is Stefan Aune, a Professor of American Studies at Williams … Continued