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Station Phone: 510-848-6767
Station Fax: 510-848-3812 (office hours M-F 9a-5p)
On-Air Studio: 510-848-4425/Toll free 800-958-9008
Pledge Phones: 1-800-439-5732 or 510-848-5732 (during on-air fundraising only)
Payments questions: EFT/Credit Card changes and address changes chris_at_kpfa.org, ext 253

Quincy McCoy, General Manager, gm_at_kpfa.org, Ext 203
Laura Prives, Program Director, pd_at_kpfa.org, Ext 201
Maria Negret, Business Manager, mariabiz_at_kpfa.org, Ext 208
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*To obtain copies of KPFA’s audited financial reports, contact
Maria Negret.
Michael Yoshida, Chief Engineer/Chief Operator, engineering_at_kpfa.org, Ext 218

Fundraising / Development
Chris Stehlik, Database Manager, chris_at_kpfa.org, ext 253
*Payments questions, EFT/Credit Card changes and address changes
Kevin Cartwright, Interim Subscriptions Director, brooke_at_kpfa.org, ext 289
James Schnitzen, Subscriptions Assistant, james_at_kpfa.org, ext. 258
Premium questions, subs_at_kpfa.org, ext 610

Local Station Board
Listener members: Sharon Adams, Craig Alderson (Secretary), William Campisi, Jose Luis Fuentes, Sasha Futran, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, Janet Kobren, David Lynch, Samsarah Morgan, Scott Olsen, TM Scruggs, Ramses Teon-Nichols (Vice Chair), Leland Thompson, Carole Travis (Chair), Barbara Whipperman (Treasurer), Burton White, Margy Wilkinson and Rych Withers (KFCF). Staff members: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Anthony Fest, Sabrina Jacobs, Tim Lynch, Joy Moore and Frank T. Sterling Jr.
*Click here for more information on LSB, meeting records and future meeting information.
*Listeners are invited to contact the board with questions, comments, or ideas by sending an email to: kpfalsb_at_googlegroups.com

Pacifica National Board
KPFA Berkeley: Jose Luis Fuentes-Roman, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Janet Kobren (Secretary), Margy Wilkinson (Chair). KPFK Los Angeles: Rodrigo Argueta, Lydia Brazon (Vice Chair), Kim Kaufman, Brenda Medina (Assistant Secretary). KPFT Houston: Adriana Casenave, Robert L. Mark, George Reiter, Teresa Allen. WBAI New York: Carolyn Birden, Janet Coleman, Cerene Roberts, Stephen M. Brown. WPFW Washington DC: Jim Brown, Benito A.Diaz, Peter Tucker, Tony Norman. AFFILIATES:  WVQR, Vieques, PR, Robert Rabin Siegal and WFAI, Minneapolis/St. Paul Minn., Janis Lane-Ewart
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Community Advisory Board
CAB Members: Carol Wolfley, Robin House Collin, Rich Stone, Michael Sukhov and Karen Nyhus.
*Click here or more information on CAB, meeting records and future meeting information.
*The KPFA Community Advisory Board can be reached at: CAB.KPFA_at_gmail.com

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