1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, California 94704 USA
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Station Phone: 510-848-6767

On-Air Studio:

  • 510-848-4425
  • 1-800-958-9008

Pledge Phones available only during fund drives:

  • 510-848-5732
  • 1-800-439-5732

Station Fax: 510-848-3812 (office hours M-F 9a-5p)


Fundraising / Development

Studio Rentals

  • Cost:Rentals are available for $110/hr.
  • Details: We can provide ISDN (dial-in), ipDTL, Comrex Access, National / International calling, Tape Sync, professional recording.
  • Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.
  • Payment: paypal.me/KPFA


Opportunities include Phone Room, KPFA and community events, Social Media sharing, distribution of KPFA promotional literature. Learn more HERE

Public Records

Local Station Board

Click here for more information on LSB, meeting records and future meeting information.

Listeners are invited to contact the board with questions, comments, or ideas by sending an email to: [email protected]

Listener members:

  • Ahmad Anderson
  • Aki Tanaka
  • Andrea Turner
  • Brian Crowell
  • Carol Wolfley, Secretary
  • Carole Travis
  • Chris Cory
  • Christina Huggins, Vice-Chair
  • Marilla Arguelles
  • Ramses Teon Nichols
  • Scott Olsen
  • Sharon Adams
  • T.M. Scruggs
  • Tom Voorhees
  • William Campisi

Staff members:

  • Anthony Fest
  • Lisa Dettmer
  • Richard Wolinsky
  • Sabrina Jacobs
  • Steve Zeltzer
  • Tim Lynch

Pacifica National Board

KPFA Berkeley:

  • Chris Cory
  • Sabrina Jacobs
  • Vice Chair
  • Carole Travis
  • Tom Vorhees.

KPFK Los Angeles:

  • Grace Aaron
  • Jonathan Alexander (Chair)
  • Jan Goodman
  • Mansoor Sabbagh

KPFT Houston:

  • Adriana Casenave
  • Bill Crosier (Interim Executive Director)
  • Rhonda Garner
  • Robert Mark

WBAI New York:

  • Kathryn Davis
  • Ken Laufer
  • Cerene Roberts
  • Alex Steinberg

WPFW Washington DC:

  • Jim Brown
  • Benito Diaz
  • Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington
  • Nancy Sorden


  • Uhuru Radio
  • Themba Tshibanda
  • WSLR FM (Sarasota, Florida)

Click here for more information on Upcoming and Past PNB Meetings
For more information about: Pacifica Foundation Radio

Community Advisory Board

CAB Members: Robin House Collin, Rich Stone, Karen Nyhus, Craig Dunkerley and MaryAnn Thomas.



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