Alice Walker, Studs Terkel and Howard Zinn

A newly digitized KPFA event recorded on February 14th, 1998 in Berkeley


Arabiyaat is a podcast that explores the news of the day through Arab and Middle Eastern viewpoints. A unique source you won’t find anywhere else!

Bay Area Theater

During the Corona Virus lockdown, new podcasts will go live Sunday afternoons. New and recent interviews focused primarily on local Bay Area theatre venues, with playwrights, actors, directors and artistic directors, hosted by KPFA theatre critic Richard Wolinsky. Pre-pandemic podcasts also feature theatre reviews by Richard Wolinsky along with interviews conducted by KPFA associate theatre critic C.S. Soong. Dates of theatre reviews can be found at

Big Picture Ideas: The Best of Against the Grain

Thirty illuminating conversations with some of the smartest thinkers on the radical left.

California Ballot Breakdown

If you’re slogging through a California ballot packet the size of a phonebook, we’re here to help! We’ll be posting pro-con debates on high-stakes ballot propositions, interviews with candidates for offices that will shape the politics of the state, and special reports on everything from how the pandemic’s changing voting, to where big money’s flowing into small offices. Subscribe with Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, or by pasting this link into any podcast player.

Chris Hedges Digital Speech Collection

The moral life is a matter of circumstances.

COVID, Race and Democracy

COVID, RACE AND DEMOCRACY is a national weekly show from Pacifica Radio, a collective effort by producers from across the Pacifica Radio Network.

Did You Hear?

Many of our most interesting and informative conversations begin with the phrase “did you hear?” The “Did You Hear?” podcast seeks to be a source of that kind of thought-provoking information that you just can’t wait to share. “Did You Hear?” will cover news, politics, culture and the arts with curiosity and an eagerness to know and share information. A recurring segment on “Did You Hear?” will be “707 Corner.” It’ll be a periodic in-depth look at a fascinating issue happening in the North Bay — a special corner of our corner of the world – the “707 Corner.”

Digital Alan Watts Greatest Hits Collection

A carefully curated collection of Alan Watts wisdom.

Don't Believe The Hype

KPFA’s Political History  Collection In these perilous times, a grounding in history from KPFA events and interviews.  

East Bay Yesterday

East Bay Yesterday is a podcast that gathers, shares and celebrates stories from Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and other towns throughout Alameda and Contra Costa

Feral Visions

Welcome to Feral Visions, a decolonial feminist radio hour brought to you by Liberation Spring! Tune in for consciousness-raising, analysis, current affairs, and unlearning from some of the most provocative visionaries in our movements. Please donate at! Feral Visions is produced by the We Rise cultural production collective. Find our other podcasts on Area941, Birth Bruja and We Rise.

Honoring Our Warriors

KPFA celebrates our 72nd birthday with an audio collection of indigenous, spiritual and social justice warriors who are a part of KPFA’s broadcast history. (Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash)

Jennifer Stone

The best of KPFA’s iconic monologist, Jennifer Stone.

Knowledge is Power

Special voices of Black History from KPFA’s cache of illustrious past public events.

KPFA's Abolish Racism Audio Collection

Esteemed voices of our time from KPFA’s author event archive, speaking about the history and current manifestation of racial inequity in our society and steps forward toward change. Listen, learn and be inspired! Copy the link below to your podcast app:

Letters & Politics US History Collection

Mitch Jesserich curates a collection of his in-depth interviews on US History

Philosophy and the Good Life: an Against the Grain collection

A special compilation of in-depth interviews with noted thinkers about how to find meaning and fulfillment in everyday life. Host: C. S. Soong.

Radio Wolinsky

During the pandemic, a new podcast will go live every Sunday. A podcast featuring extended interviews and discussions from the Bookwaves and Arts-Waves programs on KPFA, and extended archive interviews from the Probabilities series over the past forty years. Literature, theater, film, the visual arts: in-depth interviews from a progressive and artistic viewpoint, with long-time KPFA/Pacifica host Richard Wolinsky.

Storytelling for Social Change

Digital gems from our archives as your thank you from KPFA.

Telling the Story

KPFA’s Spring Drive 2021 special audio offering. Thank you and enjoy!

The Legacy of Lawrence Ferlinghetti

KPFA’s collection of Lawrence Ferlinghetti readings and interviews.

The World Belongs to Storytellers: Part I

A Visionary Activist Show Collection

Trickster Training Collection

The Compassionate Trickster Experimental Juju Mystery School. Recordings from Caroline Casey’s weekly Trickster Training Council Series. Click here for the Trickster Companion pdf

UpFront's Black History Pack

A collection of interviews illuminating deep Black History with UpFront’s Friday host Jeannine Etter.

UpFront's Deep Dive Collection

Curated interviews–some longer cuts than what aired–on topics that explore who we are and where we’re going. 

We Rise

We Rise brings you stories, interviews, and music to nourish our imaginations in service of collective liberation. Guided by Toni Cade Bambara’s call to make the revolution irresistible, each show explores the practice of solidarity in today’s freedom movements. Brought to you by We Rise Cultural Production.

Welcoming Tim Reiterman on the 30th anniversary of his novel “Raven: The Untold Story of the Reverend Jim Jones and His People.” To discuss desirable leadership, group endeavors, and when is it definitely time to leave. That we may all hone our discernment – to see through the con and cultivate complexity… while not losing … Continued

Sean San Jose, the newly appointed Artistic Director of the Magic Theatre in Fort Mason Center, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky. One of the founders and current Program Director of the legendary Campo Santo performance troupe, Sean San Jose is a noted Bay Area actor who has worked in several venues, including the Magic, Cal Shakes, ACT and Berkeley Rep. He’s also a playwright, director and most importantly, an activist in expanding the arts to unrepresented communities.

Part I of this newly digitized event recorded by KPFA on February 13th, 2000, in support of Leonard Peltier including: Winona LaDuke, Mumia Abu Jamal, Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading a selection from Ramsey Clark‘s preface to Leonard’s book, Prison Writings, Peter Coyote also reading from Prison Writings, Joy Harjo, Bobbie Castilo, Bear Lincoln, Agnus Patak, Brian Tripp, Gerald … Continued

Proposition 22, the push to lock gig drivers into permanent independent contractor status, has spent more money than any ballot initiative campaign in state history. The gig companies financing it are also using their apps to advertise, arm-twist, and cajole. Ariel Boone has a report on how that’s changing the terrain of campaign. PLUS: Puzzled … Continued

The speech by Pastor Mike McBride was given the day the DA in Louisville Kentucky announced the Grand Jury ruling around the Breanna Taylor case.  Pastor Mike was not only speaking about the case but talking directly to elected officials who refused to pass laws to reign in rogue police. This speech was part of … Continued

Herbie Hancock is an internationally famous American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer. As part of Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet, he was one of the primary creators of the “post-bop” sound. Hancock has combined a unique blend of jazz, blues, modern classical music (like Debussy and Ravel), and sheer funk. Throughout his explorations, he has … Continued

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