We continue to lift up the case of Jacob Harris who was murdered by the Phoenix Police Department four years ago at age 19, as he ran away from them. But Jacob and his family were not the only victims in this tragedy. Jacob’s friends, Johnny Reed and Jeremiah Triplett were in the car with … Continued

Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge David Goldstein ruled on May 23rd that prosecutors have disproportionately charged Black defendants with sentencing enhancements that unfairly target them for life in prison without parole – at about a 40% greater likelihood than non-Black defendants. This court case legally acknowledges what we’ve long-known – that Black people are … Continued

We take a deep dive into the mayor of Oakland’s proposed budget, a day after the Oakland City Council had its first meeting about the current budget cycle. The city is facing a $300 million dollar deficit and every department has been cut – except for the police. We are joined by Ayodele Nzinga, Oakland’s … Continued

San Francisco continues to reel after a Walgreens security guard attacked, shot and killed Banko Brown after the latter allegedly attempted to steal $14-worth of snacks. The city’s District Attorney has declined to file charges, and community organizations have called on the California Attorney General to pursue charges in the killing. Brown’s family has also … Continued

New York where community organizers are moving forward legislation that would require the family policing system to inform families of their rights as the system removes children from the home. The legislation would guarantee families a Miranda-like access to their rights so they are able to move forward as informed as possible while navigating that … Continued