• KPFA has 4-Control Rooms and Five Studios.
  • The Control Rooms are named: KPFA OnAir (or OnAir), Main Production, KPFB and News. Control Rooms have the mixer and other gear.
  • The Studios are :
    • Studio A and Studio B are attached the on air control Room and are always reserved for the current or upcoming show.
    • KPFB- while our small sister station is usually playing the same thing as KPFA or Berkeley city government meetings, it does have its own studio with full access to ISDN, idPTL, Comrex, and telephone lines. This control room shares the same space as the studio and has only 2 microphones and headphones. Because the studio is the same space as the control room a producer or engineer may not be able to sit in during a recording.
    • Main Production/Studio C has full access to ISDN, idPTL, Comrex, and telephone lines.This studio has 4 microphones, 4 headphones, and is large enough for producers to share the space. Studio C also has a dedicated control room allowing an engineer to stand by, connect to guests or remote studios, record, and ride controls as needed.
    • Studio D (also known as the Performance Room) is a larger room, this studio has no microphones in it but has 4 access points that can connect to a 24 channel board in Main Production. This space is used most often for musical appearances on live shows and should be noted there is no multi-track recording available.
  • The News Studio is called the News Studio since it cannot be detached and is reserved for the news departments use.


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