Dr. Lewis Gordon & I talk about Imhotep, suppressed Kemetic intellectual histories, the healthiness of suffering under oppression, white supremacist narcissism in nutrition & education, & so much more. Dr. Gordon is Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy at UCONN-Storrs; & Honorary President of the Global Center for Advanced Studies. He previously taught … Continued

Let’s talk about Q Anon, the Democrats, & dis-info to watch out for. I’m a political scientist, philosopher, & professor 4 those who don’t know me. Buckle up cuz I’ve got some potentially uncomfortable gems! PS- please help Liberation Spring on Patreon or Paypal so this book can support our discernment in these deadly times. … Continued

Nonconformity can be life-giving AF. In a time when omnicide is normal, our very instinct to survive is nonconformist. Having ethics becomes renegade. Caring about your neighbor is countercultural. These are the times we find ourselves in. Let’s talk about it! So sorry that I got cut off at the end, by the way! So … Continued

What do zombification, trauma responses, professionalization, & representative politics have in common? They can all breed the kinda apathy that’s currently plaguing millions of our loved ones. Let’s talk about it. Feel free to share if you know anyone who could benefit from this discourse! Feel free to share any questions, ideas, or feedback you … Continued

Is your understanding of consent individualistic? Is it species-ist? If you value consent, let’s talk about robust, stronger understandings of this practice than the way it’s typically talked about within the colonial status quo. Plz share if you know anyone who could benefit from this discourse! PS- Yes, this is a lil’ snippet of my … Continued

My Dad worked w/ the Taliban in the 90s when we lived in Sugarland then New Delhi. Let’s talk about how militarism turns our loved ones into native informants, obedient soldiers, cannon fodder … & liberation loving activists. If you hear people use the word ‘decolonization’ who aren’t actively de-militarizing & de-nuclearizing, come thru for … Continued

Have you ever sensed that ‘Science’ fronts as objective at the expense of the very humility that legit knowing is contingent upon? Coming from your *most logical and wise self, not some anti-intellectual cop-out. If you’ve been sleeping on all the decolonial feminist scholarship on the philosophy of science that’s proliferated in the past quarter … Continued

We’re surrounded by trite clichés about following our hearts. And spaces where people allege to be into emotional intelligence that are then utterly intolerant of oppressed peoples expressing feelings. Feelings, by the way, that Eurocentrism judges as ‘negative’ in a fake binary that lots of people still adhere to. Or the same wannabe influencers who … Continued