Quill Violet Christie-Peters & I dialogue about decolonizing sexuality thru visual art in this episode. She’s an Anishinaabe arts programmer and self-taught visual artist currently residing in Thunder Bay. She is the creator of the Indigenous Youth Residency Program, an artist residency for Indigenous youth that relies on a radically relational praxis that allows youth … Continued

Please tune in for this dialogue with Sakej Ward. We discuss various representations of warriors, the importance of developing strategic thinkers, the differences between warriors and soldiers, the dangers of cooptation & machismo, how to strengthen warrior spirits, the creation of indigenous revolutionary doctrines, & healing from trauma through materially engaging the process of decolonization. … Continued

Please tune in to hear a phenomenal dialogue with Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi of San Francisco State University’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies (AMED) Program: amed.sfsu.edu. We discuss the state of critical scholarship on Palestine in the US today, Zionist repression of academic knowledge production and justice-centered praxis, Israeli settler colonialism, and so much more! … Continued

Are you weirded out by the way that some folks talk about Indigenous spiritualities? On today’s episode of Feral Visions, we’re delving into the romantic idea of ‘Indian spirituality.’ Come learn from Dr. David Delgado Shorter about some of the power dynamics thru which it’s been imagined & maintained within the dominant, Eurocentric, settler colonial … Continued