What if the least reliable people about spirituality are those who call themselves ‘spiritual?’ Let’s talk about the new (c)age psy-op and how to unlearn it. Let’s have some respect for the power of spirituality by disentangling it from insultingly commercialized distortions. Why let our ancestral wisdom continue to get tainted by marketing manipulation? In … Continued

One of the greatest gifts that you could give your imagination is learning about the abolitionist movement (and getting involved). While oppressive injustice would have us in-fighting over toxic crumbs, abolitionism invites us to have standards, respect, and dignity. Previously impossible within this nightmarish empire. Let’s talk about it. While the capitalist mainstream would make … Continued

When violent crime is discussed in mainstream echo chambers, is the term more likely to be associated with polluting lakes & damming rivers or a stabbing? I’ll bet you know the answer. Yet, which is overwhelmingly more catastrophic for people and the planet? What a deadly bias. Who & what benefits from that limited interpretation … Continued

How does our knowing get impacted by subjectivity, values, & identity? Find out thru this talk on feminist & indigenous epistemologies & so much more. Plz lemme know in the comments what you found evocative- I’d love to hear. Also plz be forewarned that I nerd out on theory a lil’ in the intro, but … Continued

What is co-optation? Let’s talk green-washing, diversity & inclusion campaigns, misunderstanding decolonization, land acknowledgements, & more. Just cuz someone’s talking about a thing doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about! For example, they might be a business trying to bank off of a social movement. As a matter of fact, did you know exactly … Continued

Unlearning the illusion of hyper-individuation is easier said than done for those of us in deeply capitalist contexts like the settler colonial US. Alas, atomization is as American as apple pie. Hyper-individualism is a result of having been divided and conquered. As a matter of fact, that mentality dovetails nicely with a common military strategy. … Continued

What is lunacy? How does the label lunatic gets weaponized and mis-used? Learning from postcolonial psychology & activist traditions, let’s talk about it. Lunacy is one of the most potent counters to the limitations of respectability politics that’s available to us. Respectability politics pressures us to ceaselessly pander to oppressive audiences. Oppression sets the terms … Continued

By vampirism, you know I’m talking about that extractivism that’s destroying us & our precious planet. Mining our minds, as the Red Power legend John Trudell would call it. Enacting coups in Bolivia for lithium for electric car batteries and the like. That market fundamentalism that’ll take us all down if we don’t stop it … Continued

What is techno-skepticism? One of the most vital seeds that we could plant today! One of the clearest extensions of a colonial progress narrative throughout the planet today is the pathetic belief in Silicon Valley and its tech-bros. Indeed, perceiving arrogant criminals like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos as innovative leaders is one … Continued