Have you considered grad school, but heard horror stories from radical BIPOC activists about staggering debt, apathetic environments, & micro aggressions, let alone macro aggressions? For folks considering having anything to do with the academic industrial complex, this dialogue may support your doing so in as liberatory & as harm-reductionist of a way as possible. … Continued

How did our ancestors practice relationships and sexuality prior to colonization? Learn from Dr. Kim TallBear about moving beyond settler colonial sexualities! What’s a decolonial approach to the settler institution of monogamy? These are some of the topics we delve into. Here are some of the resources Dr. TallBear mentions: The Critical Polyamorist www.criticalpolyamorist.com Indian Dr. … Continued

Learn from Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey about feminist resistance to the U.S. military industrial complex, why we have to see the connections between domestic policy & foreign policy, & the Combahee River Collective’s approach to intersectionality. *Apologies that the audio gets choppy from minute 13-19. The content during those minutes is great, though, so please try … Continued

“How do you move beyond sharing about your trauma to healing it?” asks our guest Aishah. What say you? #LoveWITHAccountability – LoveWITHAccountability.com NO! The Rape Documentary – NOtheRapeDocumentary.org Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective – batjc.wordpress.com The Living Bridges Project – LivingBridgesProject.com The Heal Project – www.igrivera.com/the-heal-project.html Children of Combahee – childrenofcombahee.org/ Black Latinidad: Love in Sisterbrotherhood – www.vidaafrolatina.org/child-sexual-abuse Mirror Memoirs – mirrormemoirs.com Impact Justice … Continued