Please tune in to hear a phenomenal dialogue with Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi of San Francisco State University’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies (AMED) Program: We discuss the state of critical scholarship on Palestine in the US today, Zionist repression of academic knowledge production and justice-centered praxis, Israeli settler colonialism, and so much more! … Continued

Are you weirded out by the way that some folks talk about Indigenous spiritualities? On today’s episode of Feral Visions, we’re delving into the romantic idea of ‘Indian spirituality.’ Come learn from Dr. David Delgado Shorter about some of the power dynamics thru which it’s been imagined & maintained within the dominant, Eurocentric, settler colonial … Continued

Have you considered grad school, but heard horror stories from radical BIPOC activists about staggering debt, apathetic environments, & micro aggressions, let alone macro aggressions? For folks considering having anything to do with the academic industrial complex, this dialogue may support your doing so in as liberatory & as harm-reductionist of a way as possible. … Continued

How did our ancestors practice relationships and sexuality prior to colonization? Learn from Dr. Kim TallBear about moving beyond settler colonial sexualities! What’s a decolonial approach to the settler institution of monogamy? These are some of the topics we delve into. Here are some of the resources Dr. TallBear mentions: The Critical Polyamorist Indian Dr. … Continued

Learn from Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey about feminist resistance to the U.S. military industrial complex, why we have to see the connections between domestic policy & foreign policy, & the Combahee River Collective’s approach to intersectionality. *Apologies that the audio gets choppy from minute 13-19. The content during those minutes is great, though, so please try … Continued

“How do you move beyond sharing about your trauma to healing it?” asks our guest Aishah. What say you? #LoveWITHAccountability – NO! The Rape Documentary – Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective – The Living Bridges Project – The Heal Project – Children of Combahee – Black Latinidad: Love in Sisterbrotherhood – Mirror Memoirs – Impact Justice … Continued