Feral Visions

Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey. Feminists Drop the MIC- military industrial complex (FV ep. 3)

Learn from Dr. Margo Okazawa-Rey about feminist resistance to the U.S. military industrial complex, why we have to see the connections between domestic policy & foreign policy, & the Combahee River Collective’s approach to intersectionality.

*Apologies that the audio gets choppy from minute 13-19. The content during those minutes is great, though, so please try to stick through it!

Some of the resources that she shared include:
• Peace Women across the Globe www.1000peacewomen.org/en/who-we-are…story-30.html
• The International Women’s Network Against Militarism iwnam.org
• Combahee River Collective we.riseup.net/assets/43875/combahee%20river.pdf

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