Pushing Limits – August 23, 2019

Pushing Limits

A half-hour radio show providing critical coverage of disability issues and bringing the insight of the grassroots disability movement to the general public.

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P.G.& E. expects to cut off power when fire conditions are strong this year — it’s a fire prevention measure.  But the consequences for people who use electricity for ventilators, oxygen, and other disability life supports have not been taken seriously. These sustained power outages will have dire consequences if better preparations aren’t made — … Continued

We’ve all heard or said things like, “My attendant is part of my family,” or “I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without an attendant – literally.”   For many people with disabilities, attendants are a crucial part of daily life The Independent Living Movement fought for attendant wages so we weren’t entirely dependent … Continued

Are you free to move about the Bay Area? Reliably? Conveniently? Accessibly? Affordably? Does it bother you that people with cars can go anywhere they wish at any time, while you cannot? Are you forced to ride for several hours in a paratransit vehicle only to arrive at your destination too late for your appointment, … Continued

Pushing Limits

Guide Dogs & Service Animals

Blind People and people with severe sight disabilities rely either on guide dogs or the often seen white canes to replace the function of eyes in sighted persons. We host Theresa Stern from Guide Dogs for the Blind to talk about this most valuable resource and the legal rights of the owners of these animals. … Continued