Facing a transplant of both heart and liver, Christopher Bowers and his wife talk to us about massive anxiety, heart-felt gratitude and sustaining love. In his 45 years, Christopher has squeezed every beat of life outta his congenitally-fragile heart.  He’s living with congestive heart failure and a liver compromised by the many treatments. Now, if … Continued

W-E-L-C-O-M-E! TO THE WIDE WORLD OF VOTING!!! Without doubt, this is THE strangest election in recent history…perhaps in all of this country’s history. In addition to the usual bonds, props, “Yes” means “No”, “No” means “Yes”, bickering candidates and plethora of conflicting messaging that are the features of a normal election, ALONG COMES COVID-19, and … Continued

Jenn Peoples’ childhood was frightening and traumatic.  As a result she’s faced terrifying demons of self-destructive behavior.  Now she’s far along in recovery, not from her mental illness, but from the self-destructive behaviors that followed.  Today, she is a dual diagnosis counselor at a peer support recovery center in downtown Santa Rosa, California. The concept … Continued