We explore alliances between senior and disability communities.  From the outside, it seems both groups would be perfect partners in advocating for social change. Both groups are affected by challenges such as accessing accessible housing, healthcare, and transportation. Yet two systems of oppression, Ageism and Ableism, often impedes those alliances from being created. We talk … Continued

Pushing Limits

Reproductive Rights & Disability, Part 2 – Pushing Limits – November 18, 2022

Are there things about the connection between reproductive rights and the disability community that the reproductive rights movement has not yet latched on to? We interview Emily DiMatteo, the lead author of a paper called “Reproductive Justice for Disabled Women: Ending Systemic Discrimination.”   The paper details considerations that should be factored into the debate over reproductive … Continued

Pushing Limits

Hunting the Elusive State Job – Pushing Limits – August 12, 2022

For many years the unemployment rate of people with disabilities has hovered around 70%.   It seems that every few years, a public official announces initiatives  to address this statistic by hiring ten people, or thousands of people with disabilities for public service.  Do these programs lead to more of us obtaining government employment?   Today … Continued