According to the Ruderman Foundation a third to a half of all people killed by police are disabled.  In a period of continued action by the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence and brutality, we turn to you, our listeners with disabilities. Are you participating? Supporting?  Staying home but calling government officials? Helping activists … Continued

When activists and advocates are up against a shelter-in-place order, when everything we usually do is completely impossible, who you gonna call?  That’s right!  Disability Justice!  Call ‘em now at 1-800-CRIP-POC-CRIP! Why them, you ask. Because over the past couple of decades activists with disabilities, in particular activists of color, have blazed a path of … Continued

COVID-19 is everywhere these days and no place has been hit harder than nursing homes. Estimates are that up to one-third of all COVID deaths have been in nursing homes.   But nobody knows for sure, because the federal government and many states aren’t collecting this statistic.  And, about one-quarter of people in those nursing … Continued

As you shelter-in-place, take a break from strengthening your support network to spend 30 minutes contemplating the lives of the courageously ordinary amazing people with disabilities who came before us. Lessons from past disability community movements help us move more steadily through the days ahead.  You can count on it. We’re joined by Michael Rembis, … Continued

  How is the disability community dealing with being among those constantly told they are the “most vulnerable?” We put this question to some of our community experts, Andrew Pulrang and Shaun Cartwright. Here’s some great links for more information about these crucial questions: Healing Justice “Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens”, Creaky Joints  … Continued