Election season at Pacifica too!

Are you interested in helping build a vibrant, democratically governed alternative media? Your Local Station Board needs YOU.

Nominations are open for nine Listener positions on your Local Station Board. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for one of the Listener positions, please visit elections.pacifica.org and click on the Candidate Nomination Packet page. Nominations close on June 30, 2016 at 9:00pm, your local time.

KPFA signal temporarily reduced

To our listeners, KPFA recently lost its main antenna. That’s the signal radiating elements at the top of the KPFA tower which transmits the station’s 59,000 Watts of stereo power. We are now broadcasting from our Auxiliary antenna mounted about 100 feet below our main antenna on the tower. The biggest effect is that listeners in the … Continued

KPFA’s Winter Fund Drive

This pledge drive is packed with iconic voices and the powerful sound of a new generation of history makers. Also we’ll bring you a hard-hitting critique of capitalism and in depth coverage of the fight for the Supreme Court and a clear-eyed look into election 2016. All good reason why people say “I Heard it … Continued

2015 Year End GM Report

General Manager Quincy McCoy recounts the year’s accomplishments and future plans and directions for Community Powereed KPFA Radio  

Block the Boat

KPFA Live Broadcast from August 16, 2014. “Block The Boat” with special guests, hosted by Dennis Bernstein, Steve Zeltzer, and the KPFA Apprentices.

KPFA General Manager’s State of the Station Report

There is good news and bad news in the results of our year-end fund drive. The bad news first: We didn’t make our goal during our 2-week campaign, and for a very good reason – we were executing our mission. As you all know KPFA did an excellent job of covering the unexpected local and … Continued

Ella Fitzgerald: Quintessentially American

“The song has ended but the melody lingers on”—Irving Berlin When I heard the news of Ella Fitzgerald’s death, I took it very hard.  I knew it signaled more than the end of the greatest jazz singer of all time, whose remarkable career spanned six decades and whose  incomparable body of work is not humanly … Continued

Will my son be the next Trayvon Martin?

This question is not a new slogan for fighting injustice. Sadly black folks have been asking it for hundreds of years, merely replacing the victims names —Emmett Till, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant to name a few. Two things happen when I hear about black teenage boys gunned down by trigger happy policing or executed … Continued