Pushing Limits

Guide Dogs & Service Animals

Blind People and people with severe sight disabilities rely either on guide dogs or the often seen white canes to replace the function of eyes in sighted persons. We host Theresa Stern from Guide Dogs for the Blind to talk about this most valuable resource and the legal rights of the owners of these animals. … Continued

The disability community can thank people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (and their allies) for an incredibly useful new tool.  ABLE accounts have come to California.  For the first time, many of us can now amass substantial savings without being penalized with dollars deducted from our Social Security or loss of Medi-Cal benefits! Supplemental Security … Continued

Pushing Limits

Susan da Silva

The State of Our Bodies (& Minds) The State of the World The State of the Pacifica Network   We’re very proud to bring you a discussion with Susan da Silva, one of the newly elected listener representatives to KPFA’s local station board.   Get behind the headlines on far-right President Bolsonaro’s effect on Brazil.  … Continued

Pushing Limits

On Being An Ally

We’re blowing up language, we’re blowing up humanity in talking about expansion of who we are. JOIN us! Fresh! “Lev” White Excerpts from the First Voice apprentice program’s Full Circle show on allyship. This show starts a conversation to re-imagine ourselves and our world…and teaches us A LOT! Jess Dene Schlesinger and Fresh! “Lev” White … Continued

“Half my life’s in books’ written pages. Live and learn from fools and from sages.” Aerosmith: Dream On Are you a bookworm, but you can’t read two-dimensional ink-drawn pictographs on parchment (print)? Can’t hold a physical book and/or turn its pages? Need large print, Braille or audio?  Pushing Limits has an answer for you! The … Continued

What has happened legislatively and in advocacy for people who are blind or have visual impairments in 2018?  What might be to come in 2019? We ask an expert. After graduating from Stanford, Jeff Thom worked as an attorney for the California Legislature for 30 years. He is the immediate past president of the California … Continued