Are you concerned about gaslighting? It’s a massively common technique of psychological warfare. Popular definitions of gaslighting regularly center around one conniving person manipulating people around them. So let’s try a different definition of gaslighting here. Because that common framework is hyper-individualistic. And it disproportionately focuses on intent. And doesn’t include a nuanced understanding of … Continued

We don’t get free off bad intel, beloveds. Let’s take your focus back from the vampiric media outlets that infiltrate nervous systems & pollute minds for ratings & short-term gains. Their sellout pundits are so busy trying to get theirs that they’re forsaking any hope of vision, wisdom, or grounding. Let’s resist fear-mongering click-bait. And … Continued

Tune in for this wonderful dialogue with Dr. Jeffrey Acido and a group of young men from K-VIBE to learn about the liberatory work they’re doing at this visionary bike shop. Opened in 2005 as part of Kōkua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services’ commitment to providing community-based health initiatives that honor the development of personal … Continued

Quill Violet Christie-Peters & I dialogue about decolonizing sexuality thru visual art in this episode. She’s an Anishinaabe arts programmer and self-taught visual artist currently residing in Thunder Bay. She is the creator of the Indigenous Youth Residency Program, an artist residency for Indigenous youth that relies on a radically relational praxis that allows youth … Continued

Please tune in for this dialogue with Sakej Ward. We discuss various representations of warriors, the importance of developing strategic thinkers, the differences between warriors and soldiers, the dangers of cooptation & machismo, how to strengthen warrior spirits, the creation of indigenous revolutionary doctrines, & healing from trauma through materially engaging the process of decolonization. … Continued