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Sakej Ward on Rekindling Warrior Societies (FV ep 12)

Please tune in for this dialogue with Sakej Ward. We discuss various representations of warriors, the importance of developing strategic thinkers, the differences between warriors and soldiers, the dangers of cooptation & machismo, how to strengthen warrior spirits, the creation of indigenous revolutionary doctrines, & healing from trauma through materially engaging the process of decolonization. Sakej (James Ward) belongs to the wolf clan. He is Mi’kmaw (Mi’kmaq Nation) from the community of Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick). Having taught, organized, advised and led various warrior societies from all over Turtle Island down into Guatemala and Borike (Puerto Rico) Sakej has made warrior-hood his way of life. He has been on over a dozen warrior operations and countless protest actions. He dedicates all his time to developing warrior teachings and instructing warrior societies from all over.

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