Feral Visions

The Corporate Media: Weed #1 (FV Ep. 18)

We don’t get free off bad intel, beloveds. Let’s take your focus back from the vampiric media outlets that infiltrate nervous systems & pollute minds for ratings & short-term gains. Their sellout pundits are so busy trying to get theirs that they’re forsaking any hope of vision, wisdom, or grounding. Let’s resist fear-mongering click-bait. And boundary ourselves from even more corporate talking points brainwashing us than has already happened. Freeing up attention 4 what we actually need to know to make informed decisions + generally know what’s up.

Hope you enjoy this 1st installation of our Weeds & Seeds autumn series. Hope to see ya Saturday for some seeding!

PS- Yes, this is a lil’ snippet of my book Pulling Weeds & Planting Seeds: on Decolonial Discernment. Make sure to cite my intellectual production if you’re inspired by these ideas & wanna share them out! Don’t steal from BIWOC – have ethics! Don’t plagiarize or my folx will come for you- thx : )

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