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Uncle Dean Wilhelm on ‘Āina & Culture-Based Education (FV ep 9)

What do food sovereignty and decolonizing diets, both incredibly political & intimate ideas, really look like? Come learn from my dialogue with Uncle Dean Wilhelm, the co-founder & Executive Director of Ho‘okua ‘Āina. Nestled in the ahupua’a of Kailua at Kapalai in Maunawili on the island of O’ahu, this non-profit organization uses Hawaiian traditions of kalo (or taro) cultivation to improve the lives of today’s youth & build a healthy community. It’s a manifestation of Dean and Michele Wilhelm’s vision to create a gathering place for people in the community to connect with and care for the ‘aina (or land), perpetuate Hawaiian culture through the cultivation & preparation of kalo, & to be a place that would ultimately bring healing to people, especially at-risk youth. Since 2007, the Wilhelms along with a hui (or group) of collaborators & community volunteers have restored 7.6 acres to be abundant & productive. Today the lo‘i (or wetland taro patch) is an ideal outdoor learning environment for ‘āina-based education.

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