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Aishah Shahidah Simmons on #LoveWithAccountability (FV Ep. 2)

“How do you move beyond sharing about your trauma to healing it?” asks our guest Aishah. What say you?
#LoveWITHAccountability – LoveWITHAccountability.com
NO! The Rape Documentary – NOtheRapeDocumentary.org
Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective – batjc.wordpress.com
The Living Bridges Project – LivingBridgesProject.com
The Heal Project – www.igrivera.com/the-heal-project.html
Children of Combahee – childrenofcombahee.org/
Black Latinidad: Love in Sisterbrotherhood – www.vidaafrolatina.org/child-sexual-abuse
Mirror Memoirs – mirrormemoirs.com
Impact Justice – impactjustice.org/restorative-justice-project

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