Feral Visions

Techno-Skepticism: Seed #2 (FV Ep. 21)

What is techno-skepticism? One of the most vital seeds that we could plant today! One of the clearest extensions of a colonial progress narrative throughout the planet today is the pathetic belief in Silicon Valley and its tech-bros. Indeed, perceiving arrogant criminals like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos as innovative leaders is one of the clearest signs of the profound misunderstanding that currently afflicts millions of our loved ones. If you’re concerned about extractivism, did you notice that it’s technology that’s enabled extractivism? This is important to observe. If you’ve ever heard someone talking about climate change who says ‘technology will save us!’ while failing to recognize that technology is a principle factor for what got us into this mess to begin with, this seed is for you. Let’s break it down.

PS- Yes, this is a lil’ snippet of my book Pulling Weeds & Planting Seeds: on Decolonial Discernment. Make sure to cite my intellectual production if you’re inspired by these ideas & wanna share them out! Don’t steal from BIWOC – have ethics! Don’t plagiarize or my folx will come for you- thx : )

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