Feral Visions

Scientism: Weed #8 (FV Ep. 32)

Have you ever sensed that ‘Science’ fronts as objective at the expense of the very humility that legit knowing is contingent upon? Coming from your *most logical and wise self, not some anti-intellectual cop-out. If you’ve been sleeping on all the decolonial feminist scholarship on the philosophy of science that’s proliferated in the past quarter century, let’s get you caught up on some gems. If you’ve ever seen someone weaponize the language of logic, reason, objectivity, or science in a way that you sensed was sketchy but didn’t quite have the language to name, let’s go there.

PS- Yes, this is a lil’ snippet of my book Pulling Weeds & Planting Seeds: on Decolonial Discernment. Make sure to cite my intellectual production if you’re inspired by these ideas & wanna share them out! Don’t steal from BIWOC – have ethics! Don’t plagiarize or my folx will come for you.

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