Feral Visions

Militarism: Weed #9 (FV Ep. 34)

My Dad worked w/ the Taliban in the 90s when we lived in Sugarland then New Delhi. Let’s talk about how militarism turns our loved ones into native informants, obedient soldiers, cannon fodder … & liberation loving activists. If you hear people use the word ‘decolonization’ who aren’t actively de-militarizing & de-nuclearizing, come thru for a smart space to learn what’s up. From Fiji to Kaho‘olawe to a neighborhood near you…

Feel free to share if you know anyone who could benefit from this discourse!

PS- Yes, this is a lil’ snippet of my book Pulling Weeds & Planting Seeds: on Decolonial Discernment. Make sure to cite my intellectual production if you’re inspired by these ideas & wanna share them out! Don’t steal from BIWOC – have ethics! Don’t plagiarize or my folx will come for you.

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