Democracy Now – May 23, 2018

Democracy Now

Democracy Now! is a daily independent award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

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Pompeo Threatens Iran & Lays Out Unattainable Nuclear Requirements, Speeding U.S. March Toward War; British Royals Rebrand with Royal Wedding, but Critics Say White, Neoliberal Monarchy Needs to Go; Royal Wedding Celebrates Black Culture, But U.K. Gov’t Has Been Targeting Black Immigrants for Years; President Trump Is Not “Above the Law”: John Bonifaz Warns Against … Continued

Norman Finkelstein: Outrage over Israeli Massacre Shows Power of Nonviolent Palestinian Resistance; Norman Finkelstein: Palestinians Have the Right to Break Free of the “Unlivable” Cage That Is Gaza; Key Democrats Back Gina Haspel’s Confirmation as CIA Director, Despite Her Record on Torture; A Wake-Up Call for Dems? 4 Women Running on Socialist Platforms Unseat Male … Continued

Palestinians Mark 70th Anniversary of Nakba After Israel Kills 61 & Wounds 2,700 Protesters in Gaza; Gazan Writer: Protesters Are Seeking Freedom from World’s Largest Concentration Camp; “The Disaster of My Life”: Nakba Survivor on the Day Israelis Bombed & Invaded His Village in 1948; While U.S. Refuses to Blame Israel, Int’l Court Could Launch … Continued

Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Kill 30+ Palestinians Protesting Nonviolently as U.S. Opens Jerusalem Embassy; “It’s Time for Moral Confrontation”: New Poor People’s Campaign Stages Nationwide Civil Disobedience; Rev. Barber Slams Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic Pastors Trump Chose to Open U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem; Yanis Varoufakis on Lost U.S. Credibility in Middle East, from Iran Deal to Israel Embassy … Continued

Trump Pulls United States Out of Iran Nuclear Deal, Dramatically Escalating Threat of War with Iran; Trita Parsi: I Was Targeted by Black Cube in Dirty Ops Effort Attacking Supporters of Iran Deal; Medea Benjamin: The Peace Movement Must Mobilize to Support Diplomacy in Iran & North Korea; Primary Day: Blankenship Out in WV; Consumer … Continued

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