The Trump administration notified the United Nations Monday that it would withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris climate agreement, starting a year-long process to leave the international pact to fight the climate crisis. The United States — the world’s largest historic greenhouse gas emitter — will become the only country outside the accord. Trump’s … Continued

An indigenous forest protector named Paulo Paulino Guajajara was shot dead in the Amazon by illegal loggers on Saturday. It is the latest incident in a wave of violence targeting indigenous land protectors since the election of Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro last year. Guajajara was killed when he and another forest protector were ambushed … Continued

“This Is a Win for Our City”: Chicago Teachers Celebrate End of Historic Strike After 11 Days; Chicago Teachers and UAW Members Show That Labor Movement Is Back After “Decades of Concessions”; “It Was Necessary”: Gambian Beauty Queen Returns Home to Testify About Rape By Former Dictator; Five Indigenous Leaders Massacred in Colombia; New Wave … Continued

As a shocking new report finds that many coastal cities will be flooded by rising sea levels by 2050, Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera announced Wednesday that the U.N. climate summit in Santiago has been canceled. Anti-inequality protests have entered their third week in the country, with protesters calling for the Piñera government to resign. The … Continued

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced the resignation of his government on Tuesday following nearly two weeks of nationwide anti-government protests. In a televised address, Hariri said he had hit a “dead end” in resolving the crisis. Demonstrators “were congratulating each other while at the same time acknowledging that the struggle is very long,” says … Continued

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As Death Toll Tops 220, Iraqi Protesters Stay in Streets Calling for End to Corrupt Government

In Iraq, masked gunmen shot dead 18 protesters overnight and injured more than 800 people in the Shiite holy city of Karbala on Monday. Nearly 225 Iraqis have been killed since a wave of anti-government protests swept the country last month. The protesters in Karbala were attacked while they camped out in the city’s Education … Continued

President Trump announced Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a U.S. Special Forces raid on his compound in northwestern Syria. According to Trump, al-Baghdadi detonated an explosive vest he was wearing, killing himself and three of his children. The raid began early Sunday when eight U.S. military helicopters flew from a base near … Continued

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“You Won’t Take Down Lies or You Will?”: AOC Grills Facebook’s Zuckerberg on Lies in Political Ads

“You Won’t Take Down Lies or You Will?”: AOC Grills Facebook’s Zuckerberg on Lies in Political Ads; Rashida Tlaib to Mark Zuckerberg: Why Haven’t You Stopped Hate Groups From Organizing on Facebook?; “State of Emergency”: Special Report on California’s Criminalization of Growing Homeless Encampments; Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Found Found Guilty of Conspiracy at Naval … Continued

President Trump has announced sanctions will be lifted on Turkey as a ceasefire remains in place in northern Syria, where Turkey invaded earlier this month after Trump withdrew U.S. troops. On Tuesday, Turkey reached an agreement with Russia that would force Syrian Kurdish forces to retreat from a wide swath of the Syrian-Turkish border. The … Continued