Trauma transformed into “Dangerous, Beautiful Assignment.”Caroline welcomes Dr Karen Gedney, author of “30 Years Behind Bars”…Redemptive cultural medicine, brought to us by those who have navigated the Underworld to “against all odds,” bring back the Medicine of ingenious altruism, to be born in all our hearts. Her remarkable memoir: her dedication to healing lead her … Continued

Caroline welcomes Yahia Lababidi, Egyptian-American Poet, agent of Liberating Blessing, dedicated to the poet as Guide to Global Citizenship… As Jupiter- the power of journey, blessing – is stationing to resume forward motion at this Full Moon. Egyptian-American​ ​thinker,​ ​poet​ ​and​ ​author​ ​of​ ​7​ ​books​ ​in​ ​4​ ​genres,​ ​Yahia​ ​Lababidi’s​​ ​book, Where​ ​Epics​ ​Fail,​ ​was​ ​featured​ … Continued

Beauty out of Darkness… invoking Akhilandishvara! the goddess of the power that comes from being broken! Caroline welcomes Lily Yeh, author of “Awakening Creativity,” founder of Barefoot Artists whose encouraging work in Rwanda, China, Ecuador, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Syria, Italy, North Philadelphia etc. is dedicated to nourishing and animating redemptive beauty from broken lives.

Caroline welcomes Pir Zia, the spiritual leader of the Sufi Order Interational, and dedicated to Green Hermeticism,, the ecologically-oriented revivification of Hermetic and alchemical wisdom. He is dedicated to cultivating awareness of the unity of existence and the qualities of heart that naturally arise from this awareness: nobility of character, genuine civility, and creative optimism. … Continued

Let Imagination lay the tracks for the Reality Train! Let’s invite Venus, art, beauty and intimacy back from her exile, to be honored as a leading evolutionary ally, with author Denis Dutton, joining us from New Zealand, with his book, The Art Instinct,” a Darwinian honoring of the evolutionary adaptogen leadership of art. Denis Dutton, … Continued

Caroline welcomes the return of Janine Benyus, natural sciences writer and author of Biomimicry. Janine’s work reminds us that for every toxic insult we humans have imposed upon our home planet, there is an ingenious reverent collaborative solution that makes us weep and bark with delight. (e.g. solar cells that mimic leaves, agriculture that models … Continued

Caroline co-riffs with legendary, fantastic, personally much admired truly visionary artist Alex Grey, praising, invoking the necessary mystical art to guide and re-inspire culture at this time of dire beauty. Alex Grey is best known for his depictions of the body that provide a multi-dimensional “x-ray” of anatomical, psychic and spiritual forces. For many people … Continued