Caroline welcomes the return of Eyak Native, and mega-effective advocate for Mother Ocean, Dune Lankard, with collaborative ally Bren Smith, executive director of Green Wave.   Dune Lankard, Founder, President & Executive Director of Native Conservancy An Eyak Athabaskan Native of the Eagle Clan, Dune grew up in Cordova, in southcentral Alaska. Born into a … Continued

As so much life is at risk, Caroline welcomes award-winning science journalist, Judith D Schwartz, whose latest book The Reindeer Chronicles, & other inspiring stories of working with Nature to Heal the Earth, proffers myriad heartening stories of devastating deserts than can return to blooming, as can our hearts… Judith Schwartz is an award-winning science journalist … Continued

Intelligence of the Arctic Defying Shell drilling From 1980–2010, Rick Steiner was as a marine conservation professor with the University of Alaska, stationed in the Arctic (Kotzebue 1980-1982), Prince William Sound (Cordova 1983-1997), and Anchorage (1997-2010). Today, he conducts the Oasis Earth project ( –- a global consultancy working with NGOs, governments, industry, and civil … Continued

Today’s powerful Mars Saturn conjunction in Virgo, invites us all to dedicate to our Medicine to preserve and protect life, So Caroline welcomes Revered kick-butt Gwich’in elder Sarah James, live from her home on Arctic Village Alaska Sarah embodies dynamic dedication to her people and their kinship to the land, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, … Continued

Once again we return to protect the Arctic National Wild Life Refuge (called by the indigenous Gwitch’in “the place where life begins,”) at its moment of direst peril. “And yet we may prevail,” says Caroline’s guest, Subhankar Banerjee, whose remarkable book of Arctic photographs is one of this week’s premiums. We also welcome a recent graduate … Continued