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Cooling Mists on the Conflagration · Judith D Schwartz

As so much life is at risk, Caroline welcomes award-winning science journalist, Judith D Schwartz, whose latest book The Reindeer Chronicles, & other inspiring stories of working with Nature to Heal the Earth, proffers myriad heartening stories of devastating deserts than can return to blooming, as can our hearts…
Judith Schwartz is an award-winning science journalist and leading voice in regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration. Her latest book, The Reindeer Chronicles, shares the inspiring stories of a passionate group of eco-restorers who are following nature’s lead to help revitalize some of the most degraded places on earth—and succeeding.

With the UN declaring the next 10 years as the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, Schwartz’s book will help raise awareness about the importance of regenerating natural systems to fight climate change. “Our natural systems are under great stress,” she says. “However, nature’s inclination is toward healing, and we can work with the logic of ecology to restore landscapes and waterways.”