What are your earliest memories of magic? How did your ancestors pray? Where did whiteness come from? How can people racialized as white decimate white supremacy? What do you think of when you see or hear the word “witch”? Grace Diehl, Johanna Holden, and Kelsey Gustafson join host Cat Petru to dive into these questions … Continued

Three visionary educators – James Damiani, Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox, and Safahri Ra – join Cat & Nicky to talk about: – the significance of humility and honesty in the classroom – nourishing creativity and empowerment – challenges and revelations in teaching and the education system – how technology impacts learning Collaborative music breaks … Continued

The women and girls of the Pink Panther Sorority join us in the studio to talk about self esteem and solidarity in sisterhood. PINK PANTHER SORORITY Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Pinkpanthersorority/ Email  [email protected]m Follow the women of @pinkpanthersororityinc on Instagram: Ms. T: @__mst__ Nyisha Moncrease: @blackberry_nyi Tamika Renee: @micky_cruz_ WE RISE Email  [email protected] Twitter  @weriseproducers Facebook & Instagram  @weriseproduction

We want to celebrate the legacy of radical organizing in this region and also call into question the false narratives that pedestalize certain leaders and organizations without acknowledging the ways in which they were problematic and even counterrevolutionary. As the call to reclaim Martin Luther King, Jr.’s radical legacy sounds throughout the Bay Area, we … Continued

DJ Deep Space takes us through a galaxy of music to celebrate the turn of the Gregorian calendar – welcome 2018! We Rise co-producer Nicole Gervacio co-hosts with Cat Petru. Guests include the ineffable DJ Deep Space and doula and artist Megan Chadwick of NECTAR birth collective. Join us for jams that will get you … Continued