We Rise

Free Palestine! Nakba Day 2021, Chinook Land, Pt 1

May 15 is Nakba Day. Catastrophe. Remembering May 15, 1948 when Palestinians were violently forced to leave their land, their homes by the settler colonial nation state of Israel.

73 years later, the violence has not stopped. Voices have not faltered. The call to return remains.

Part one of Free Palestine! series comes from the Center for Study & Preservation of Palestine’s Nakba Day rally on Chinook land, known by settlers as Portland, Oregon. On this hot Saturday afternoon, Palestinians shared stories of the 1948 Nakba as well as stories of the ongoing experience of ‘The Catastrophe,’ standing in solidarity with their people in the homeland resisting ethnic cleansing by the Zionist occupation state.

The live event had ASL interpretation. Stay tuned for transcripts! Please note the last speech in this episode is in Arabic and was not translated. The speaker’s words & voice are immensely powerful, whether you understand Arabic, or not.