We Rise’ dynamic duo creators Cat & Nicky are joined by Lindsey Page, founder & trainer at Radically Fit gym in Oakland – occupied Huichin – in this hilarious & honest conversation about the fitness industry, our relationships with our bodies, taking up space, capitalism, and well, joggers, of course. Apologies that there’s only one … Continued

With the rains just lifting the dense smoke in the SF Bay Area, some might be reminded of the nourishment of life in balance. The massive fires, in both Northern and Southern California, were devastating. Wildfires though they are, their intensity is a result of global warming brought on by uncontained, disproportionate & extractive economic … Continued

How do your ancestors understand “the thinning of the veil between the worlds” that marks this time of year? Was there a name for this time in their languages? Are your ancestors from the northern or southern hemisphere? How might that shape their relationship with autumn months? “The new always happens against the overwhelming odds … Continued

What are your earliest memories of magic? How did your ancestors pray? Where did whiteness come from? How can people racialized as white decimate white supremacy? What do you think of when you see or hear the word “witch”? Grace Diehl, Johanna Holden, and Kelsey Gustafson join host Cat Petru to dive into these questions … Continued

Three visionary educators – James Damiani, Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox, and Safahri Ra – join Cat & Nicky to talk about: – the significance of humility and honesty in the classroom – nourishing creativity and empowerment – challenges and revelations in teaching and the education system – how technology impacts learning Collaborative music breaks … Continued