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Midterms+Housing+Ranked Choice Voting, oh my! Ep. 18

Get out the vote! Please enjoy this plunge into electoral politics with trusty guides Sharon Peterson & Mari Nakagawa. From KPFA’s Full Circle (where Cat learned everything she knows), we bring you this rebroadcast. On this episode, Mari & Sharon get into:
Protecting our vote, and raising our voices (even between elections)
How we can improve our electoral process so that it better serves, you know … we the people!
Money & Politics… and ways that voters can change how that works. Again … to serve … WE THE PEOPLE!
And a major issue in this midterm election: Housing. We get the latest on a new women of color-led curbside community and resource center called #HousingandDignityVillage

More voting resources at kpfa apprentice dot org

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