We Rise

Ep. 15 Lupine “Too Legit to Quit” Change Makers

“Do you know what human beings need to feel peace? Mindfulness. And solidarity” – Akatl, age 7
“History is a very important part of who we are.” – Gryffin, age 8
“People should use collaboration instead of discrimination.” – Evelyn, age 7

Join Ms. T’s Lupine Classroom from Urban Montessori School in Oakland as they drop some knowledge about ancestors, discrimination, mindfulness, colonization, gun violence, pollution, and more! This mix grade classroom paid a visit to the KPFA studios to share their reflections and insight. Prepare to be thoroughly inspired.

Pray For Me, Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd
Strawberry Fields, La Santa Cecilia
Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

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