We Rise has been partnering with Mycelium Youth Network for over a year, and together, we are so excited to share this two-part podcast series with you. Here is the second of two keynote speeches from MYN’s Autumn 2020 conference entitled Apocalyptic Resilience: An Afro-Indigenous Futuristic Adventure. This episode features the brilliant organizer, researcher, & … Continued

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network has called for all organizations in support of Palestinian liberation to endorse the “Days of Resistance”, in occupied Palestine and internationally, August 7-9, 2020. In response, Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) chapters and many organizations across the nation are participating in actions throughout this weekend. This program was curated to go … Continued

On July 9, Cal Shakes (an SF Bay Area theater company) partnered with Causa Justa :: Just Cause to host a community meal and civic dialogue called “Is Capitalism Killing Us?” inspired by their production of The Good Person of Szechwan. We Rise got to record, produce, and edit this episode of Asides, the Cal … Continued

In the spring nicole gervacio of We Rise joined Mycelium Youth Network at Pear Tree Community School as they were finishing their 6 week program entitled ‘Science for Survival’ where youth learned water catchment, water purification, created emergency bags, made tinctures and salves, went on a medicinal first aid walk, and conducted a mini-home assessment … Continued

With an invitation from First Voice Media producer Kendall Crakow, Birth Bruja creator & host Eri Guajardo Johnson and We Rise co-creator & co-host Cat Petru sat down to weave stories about their mothers and grandmothers. As the two state in their dialogue, there are so many stories left untold. The ones that surfaced reflect … Continued