We Rise

Free Palestine! Voices From Yelamu Ohlone Land, Pt 3

Part three of the Free Palestine! series features voices from Yelamu Ohlone land commonly known as San Francisco, California.

We begin with Mama Tiny of Poor Magazine offering a warrior call & prayer. Then, Zeyad of Palestinian Youth Movement speaks to us on May 15th, Nakba Day, where nearly 10,000 people, families, children, and allies took to the streets that day in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and against the on-going Israeli settler-colonialism and violence. As Palestinians of the diaspora had been preparing to commemorate the 73rd year of the Palestinian catastrophe, Al Nakba, Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah began to experience an increase of violent dispossession.

This episode also features voices from the protests held in front of the Israhelli Consulate in Yelamu Ohlone Land – San Francisco – May 18th, as Palestinians and allies participated in a general strike and day of action from Jerusalem, across colonized Palestine, and the world. Organizers of the Palestinian Youth Movement and Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) share history about successful strikes & boycotts in solidarity with Palestine and leave us with a call to action: Block The Boat.

Learn more: https://blocktheboat.org/

As of now, that boat has been delayed for over a week and is currently treading the waters outside the San Francisco bay.

5/27/2021 update: “We’ve delayed ZIM – Our readiness to mobilize to the Port of Oakland is working! The Israeli ZIM-operated “Volans” ship was scheduled to dock this morning, but hasn’t done so in fear of facing our protest. For every hour its cargo isn’t unloaded, the Apartheid state of Israel loses enormous amounts money. Our action is sending a clear message that Israel’s occupation of Palestine will come with a heavy price. Stay tuned, as ZIM-operated ships are still on the schedule for the Port of Oakland. Let’s keep up the momentum and keep
apartheid-profiteering out of the Bay Area!” -AROC

Stay tuned for transcripts…