Talk-It-Out Radio – April 2, 2017

Talk-It-Out Radio

A how-to and what-to-do program where skilled hosts welcome guests and callers to practice empathy, mindfulness, and effective communication. Do you want tools for connection, conflict resolution, and compassion for self and others? We explore skills, knowledge and resources to empower you to connect across differences.

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80 Years of Wisdom and Insight, an Interview with Writer and Buddhist Teacher, Sandy Boucher

Talk-It-Out Radio

As Buddhism came to the west, U.S. feminists like Sandy Boucher have challenged some of its patriarchal traditions. Boucher is an internationally known Buddhist-feminist teacher, author and editor who has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest for 35 years. She is the author of nine books exploring women’s experience and … Continued

Your Brain on Empathy

Talk-It-Out Radio

Your host Timothy Regan and guest Sarah Peyton take you into how your brain works in relationship, with detailed attention to our capacity for empathy – what it is, and how to know it and grow it, through stories, demonstrations, and live calls. Sarah Peyton, international speaker and facilitator, has a passion for weaving together … Continued

Pathways to Bringing Authentic Voice, Fueled with Love and Compassion, to Dialogue across Differences

Talk-It-Out Radio

Are you longing for inspiration and want to hear how one voice can contribute to change? Are you eager to learn practical skills in Nonviolent Communication that transform pain, anger, fear and frustration into vulnerable and empowered self expression? Do you want to build skills in communicating your truth without replicating forms of communication that … Continued

Good food, my body, my life, my community–how NVC supports choice, interdependence, and awareness around food to grow our lives and community

Talk-It-Out Radio

Have you ever told yourself that you don’t really have a choice about accessing and eating food that actually nourishes your body? Did you know that you personally can change your local food system? Learn how nonviolent communication can support your choices around good food and change your local food economy. Host Nancy Kahn talks … Continued

Healthy Communication, Healthy Children: Stories from Family HEART Camp

Talk-It-Out Radio

Talk It Out Radio host Timothy Regan welcomes Gregory Rouillard, founder and leader of Family HEART Camp, a place where adults and children come together to learn relationship and communication skills in a unique community experience of Nonviolent Communication. We explore key principles of authentic and compassionate communication for the well-being of our children and … Continued

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