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Conspiracy Theories and Political Extremism: Understanding Brain Behavior in an Uncertain World

…with a focus on the Q-anon experience with someone who has gone in and come out again Sarah Peyton shares her recent insightful and compassionate webinar with Talk It Out listeners. In this episode, Sarah brings brain science and compassion together to help us all understand the human vulnerability to and recovery from the effects … Continued

Talk-It-Out Radio

Deep Adaptation to Our Global Predicament of Collapse of Life Systems: How to Have a Compassionate Conversation on a Tough Topic

Host Timothy Regan invites listeners into compassionate conversation about what may be the toughest reality that humanity collectively can have right now:  how are we adapting, with love, to the distinct possibility of the collapse of life support systems, inclusing ours, across the Earth, happning now and progressing in the near future. To help us … Continued

Host Timothy Regan shares evidence-based principles and tips to help you talk to someone who disagrees with you about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.  Timothy wants these important conversations to be easier for everyone, so we can work together to serve life for ourselves, eachother, and our world. The first half of this episode is for … Continued