We Rise

Rising for Our Motherlands: From the Shellmounds to Sheikh Jarrah, Ep. 33

This episode contains 9 speeches by organizers of the event: From The Shellmounds to Sheikh Jarrah: Call to Honor Those We Have Lost to Colonialism, held on Memorial Day 2021. We share their memories, visions & voices with utmost care & consent.

A few times, speakers explain that they are going to share a prayer, but the prayer is not in this podcast. That’s because these prayers are sacred & We Rise does not record or share without explicit consent. We encourage you to listen deeply to the speakers’ words, and sense any prayers or longings their words evoke for you.

Listen to this episode in order, in one sitting, or come back to it again & again. Let it be meditative & moving. Inspiring bold vision & courageous action.

Thank you to all who showed up & spoke at this event, in active solidarity, for our collective liberation.

From the event description:
This Memorial Day, please join us at safe distance as we gather in prayer and solidarity with all those who struggle to protect sacred land and life from colonial destruction and desecration.
We call to honor the lives of those lost to the ongoing colonial terror and devastation that is presently being suffered by those in Palestine, Columbia, India, Okinawa, and here on Ohlone lands.

We invite all to come honor the ancestors and remember those who have passed by leaving messages, prayer ties, artwork, flowers, and blessings at the West Berkeley Shellmound – the sacred Ohlone cultural and village site that is now fenced-off with razor-wire at ‘1900 Fourth Street’ in so-called Berkeley, CA.

We further welcome and invite all to make and leave offerings, prayers, and blessings at the shellmound throughout the entire weekend (Sat & Sun May 29-30) in advance of our gathering (Mon. May 31).

Photo from Palestinian Youth Movement